being more mindful of yourself


                    What is a life coach?

If you have reached this page then you are at the first stage of considering making life changes. You might have heard of a “life coach” but are not sure what they offer? Let me put you in the picture!

A life coach is someone who will support and unlock your abilities, whilst giving you the tools to reach personal goals. They will help you put a plan in place to reach your goals, but they will not do it for you!

Your goals can be about anything (within reason) and may include the following: 

  • Creating a change in your behaviour from being less reactive to more responsive
  • Learning to manage your stress
  • Learn to manage your depression and/or anxiety or other mental health issue
  • Creating a life or career change
  • Wanting support with a relationship
  • Understanding yourself, why you behave the way you do?
  • Building self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth
  • Support in reaching a goal you have had for years but never quite achieved 
  • You may not even know what you want but you know you want to make a change 

Each Life Coach is slightly different and will work in different ways. To ensure you have the best chance of making changes, big or small you need to find the right fit. I am based in the South West but if you are further afield we might be able to work something out. Get in touch, let us see what we can achieve together. 



Why Me?


For over 10 years I have supported individuals in making changes. Together we have made plans and worked towards the goals of the individual. With numerous methodologies under my belt from psychology to person centred counselling, from mindfulness to transactional analysis, and many more. But ultimately my work life experience with hundreds of different individuals gives me an edge to understand and help you out. 


How i work

I work with over 18 year olds to explore, understand and create changes with various issues: anxiety, relationships, socialising, behaviour and so on. The aim is to make a real change – I won’t tell you exactly what to do or just nod in agreement. I will be honest and I won’t sugar coat my analysis. I will guide you and give you tools to get you where you want to be – but it is your life. 

I am a member of British Psychological Society (BPS) and Association of Coaching (AC) therefore abiding by their ethics and values along with my own. 


what happens

We will work to draw out the information together and move toward solutions. Together we will:

  • Explore where you are now.
  • Create goals and an action plan.
  • Review the plan regularly.
  • Make changes if required. 

I will not keep sessions going if they are not needed. I will not waste your time! 



i am human

I am not perfect because I am human. I still have moments when life spins me upside down.  When this happens I put into practice the skills I have learned and put myself back on the right path. Also – I don’t beat myself up for taking a moment to sit watching shows on Netflix with a bar of chocolate…



Initial 30 min Contact is


Whether over the phone or in person!

still free 

No commitment until the first session

When a payment plan will be agreed

1 to 1 sessions

£35 per session

This can be achieved via face to face, Zoom or over the telephone. 



Are available have a chat with me. 

Package A

Pre pay and get 4 sessions for the price of £120

Package B

Pay per session and every 5th session is free

Package C

A set course of 6 sessions for £160