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‘Moor Mindful’


Based in beautiful South West England Moor Mindful is a small business dedicated to helping people.

In the media we hear a lot about mental health, wellbeing and resilience. We are not always sure of what it really means to us, never mind how to assess and improve the situation for ourselves and others.

If you want to learn more about yourself or supporting others then I can help. I can also advise you on how to improve aspects of your business culture to increase return from your workforce or give you the tools to support your clients.

If you want support around anxiety, stress, depression, career changes, self-esteem, self-confidence, relationships or anything you want to change about yourself then try me out.  


Whether you want to become more aware of yourself, your workforce or your clients I can show you the way!


 Improve the productivity of your business and workforce by being more aware and mindful of mental health, wellbeing and welfare. 


Life Coach

 Is there something you want to change about yourself? Is there a dream you want to achieve but don’t know where to start or need support? Do you just want to be more aware of yourself? Then Coaching could be the answer.  



If you want to raise awareness, give your staff support, or, just feel more comfortable talking about mental health then this training could be the answer. 


79% of businesses see surge in employee requests for mental health support

21 May 2020

A new report from Unmind and REBA has shown that over 3/4 of businesses have experienced an increase in requests for mental health support from employees as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisations surveyed include BT, John Lewis & Partners, Marks and Spencer, and TSB.

Mental Health Today 



There are times when we all feel stuck or unsure where to turn for help. We know we want to make changes but we are unsure how to get there. I realised that I had a knack for helping people to help themselves. I can help dispel your personal myths and challenge negative attitudes, bringing about the strongest outcome: belief in your happy self.

I am a highly trained people specialist, constantly refining my understanding of what makes people tick! For the last 10 years I have supported individuals, couples and families to make positive changes in their lives. I have also worked with all sizes of teams and organisations, to help them perform at their best, often in safety critical business environments.

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Georgina Patterson MBPsS

Director and Founder